my last day of vacation

so this morning - i cleaned up around here, exercised & then got dressed. i stopped and picked up the last of my dad's birthday present (can't tell - he reads) and then went to heidi's. today was my day to go watch annie go to her ballet class. oh my goodness - that girl, she was beaming. when i came to the door, she was bugged that I didn't have my camera. when i told her it was in the car, i was forgiven. i was one proud auntie. she sat up straight, she had great form, she listened to her teacher. she was glowing with smiles & excitement. i know it was very exciting for her to have me there. i loved it, too. i took a bunch of pictures - i'll download & share this weekend. i'm pretty sure i've said it before, but that girl just makes the world go round.

then i had to go to work, to move furniture. annie's dance studio was hotter than a fat lady's armit. my head was thumping. cause i was on my second day no caffeine. so when i got to school, i was in tons o' pain. i broke down and drank a diet dr pepper. i'm pretty anti the diet sodas & i'm not going to lie - it wasn't good, but that along with 3 ibuprofens did help my headache disappear pretty much. it was fun to see my teacher friends & catch up, show pictures & talk story. the one good thing about my 3 week vacation being over - seeing my friends again.

tonight, i had a little tv night party. by party i mean: Me, Meeja (and sam, her son), Kim & Krystal. It was fun to have them all together, even though they're not all close. Those girls are probably my closest girlfriends right now, so I of course had a blast. I hadn't spent any time with Krystal since she moved out & it was so comfy to have her over. We've decided that Thursday night is going to be our "tv night" all season. I hope we stick with it. I made a couple tasty treats (sausage dig ~killer!!!~ and asparagus spears w/ham & cream cheese) mhmmmm. oh yeah, and brownies. tonight pretty much busted my diet, but - i was quite the hard worker today. so - i'm going to get up early in the morning & then I'll be good tomorrow.

And then lastly - I just came into my computer to blog & had a very touching email from my dad. I cried when I read it. I'm going to share a little bit of what he wrote. I love my dad, cause he seriously (almost in a freaky way) always knows when to give a little advice. He wrote:
I've been thinking about your recent blog and have some comments.

I read a book recently where the guy proposed to the girl after describing himself
in somewhat negative ways. The girl responded by saying she was in love with
another man. She saw him as something completely different, kind, caring etc.

Like the man in the book, you frequently describe yourself in negative ways and I
want you to know thatothers don't see you that way. You are a very interesting,
smart, fun person who by the way is quite beautiful (not just a dad talking here
either). While it's nice to be humble I just need to make sure you face reality
- you are a pretty girl.

Be a pretty girl who always works on her testimony, even when it's weak and
especially when it's weak you must go to church every week. Look around at all the
good people you know who have slipped ever so slowly into the bog of inactivity,
appathy and even unbelief. Don't be one of them.
I really appreciate his insight.

And thank you dad. I love you! (my parents are in Hong Kong this week.
I miss them!)


Jori said...

Wow Hayley, you have a really special Daddy. He is so right too! Look at all the total strangers who love you! You have made good friends just through what you write. I can't wait to meet you in real life!

Heather said...

Oh I love that comment by Dad, he really is a keeper. All the things he says are so true. I'm glad you had a fun TV night. I can't wait to discuss with you.

Jan said...

Your dad is wonderful -- and how great that he's so aware of you and in touch with you and your feelings and your life. How lucky you are -- and (just FYI) -- he's right - you're a beautiful girl both inside and out.

Kristi said...

Ok, I seriously want to steal your Dad. He is the sweetest man (and right on the money!) You are veyr lucky to have such a sweetie around. It also sounds like you had a fun girl's night--hooray!

Shelley said...

Your papa is a smart man. You are a priceless in every way. I'm so lucky to be able to know you, and count you as a friend.

100 Percent Cottam said...

your dad is a total treasure! what a great e-mail. he's so right on. some people have a hard time seeing themselves for what they are (MOM! are you reading this?) but you are AWESOME!!! people love you (people who have only met you once, for instance) because you have "one of those" personalities. you're very special. and i don't mean "special"! :)

sure wish i'd been over to eat with the girls. that sounds superfantastic. jealous! and annie's dance class sounds like a blast. what a great auntie!

Melissa C- said...

Aren't dads great...that was such a sweet e-mail and I'm sure he is right on the money with his advice. Just from what I know about you from blogging, you are a great girl with a giant personality...don't sell yourself short!

Naomi said...

Haley, you and I are the same. We make ourselves the butt end of the jokes. I think it's my way of making people laugh. You are a beautiful girl. Kristi told me all about you. And girl, with those eyes, I bet you get whatever you want from anyone. Your dad is a smart man.