did i mention refugees?

So this is a picture of the map that we'd go visit every night after dinner, to see where we were on our journey. this was the last night, sadly. but on Tuesday night, or technically early Wednesday morning, around 12 am, we woke up to the brakes being slammed on the ship. i was shook out of a deep sleep to a loud noise that i wasn't familiar with. i finally realized my dad was awake too, so I said, "what's that?" the fear of the titanic actually happening to us had already passed, but still - this was not normal. my dad said "the ship has stopped. the engines are off... the brakes are on" we didn't know what was going on. we looked out the windows and could see weird lights out behind the ship. we didn't hear David knock on our door, but he did & he eventually went up to deck without us (darn!) he watched them bring 12 refugees aboard our ship! They were either Cuban or Haitian. The next morning, we asked the server about it (he was so cute, I really liked him. I'll include a cute picture of him that Annie took... He was so sweet to her & she liked him. She kept calling him "my friend" - he called her "princess".) Anyway - he said that they were Cuban, and that cruise ships fairly regularly pick up refugees. They're out adrift, hoping to hit Jamaica or Mexico, but aren't happy when they get picked up by ships. Typically we (the US government) sends them back to their country. Which can't be good for them, cause they've just tried to escape.

Anyway - they were aboard (although we never saw them) until the second to last night. We were supposed to meet up with the coast guard at midnight. My dad, David & I went up to the deck to watch. We wandered around for an hour. Nothing happened. Finally we gave up. I don't remember it happening, but my dad said the boat stopped at 2 & he assumes that is when we actually met the coast guard. Needless to say - we didn't wake back up. :)

I just can't believe we had Cuban Refugees on our ship. Or Haitian ones. CRAZY! and crazy that it is a common thing to happen. I am thankful that even though I don't love our president right now, I live in the USA & I have freedom. And that I don't have to try and escape my life on a rowboat.


Heather said...

Isn't that something. Amen on being thankful to live where we do! No rowboat escapes needed here.

Jori said...

That is really interesting Hayley! I would have been right there with you in the middle of the night trying to get a peek of the exchange. That is sad. I wonder how many of them drown each year.

Jan said...

It's really something to reflect upon, isn't it? We are free and don't have to try to escape and find a new place to start over. I feel very blessed, more so after reading this post.

100 Percent Cottam said...

yep, we are very blessed indeed. great post, thanks!