tagged. and not so thrilled about it

so shelley tagged me. now holly's hounding me. so i'll do my tagged crap. here goes:

4 things about me you might not know:

1. i swear at people in the car. sometimes i say the really bad ones (who am i kidding with the sometimes?) i think i might suffer from slight road rage.
2. i saw the first work and the glory movie, but protested the books. only saw the movie cause i was on a psuedo date. i had a very intrigured grandma looking at me throughout the whole thing.
3. a few years ago, i had a 2nd grader ask me if i was cold. and i was. smuggling tic tacs, if you will. that's the only reason i wear a bra with any kind of padding. its a very lightly padded, more just a thicker material. cause i don't like perverted little second graders.
4. i do not enjoy sunburns. my mom might think i do... "why do you do that? is still echoing in my head! arg. i enjoy getting sun. i sometimes don't even mind getting a little pinkish. but momma no likey a burn.

4 jobs i've had:
1. telemarketer at an insurance office. frank battaglia. holly eventually worked there too and of course developed a huge crush on mr. baldy, short italian man. (seriously holly, you have the wierdest crushes!!!)
2. all kinds of administrative work at b & f technical code servies. hojo got me that job. my favorite memory of that place: nope, not when i had diarrhea and flooded the place right after holly took a huge, cruel massive dump... its actually - when holly called the boss a cracker. and he was married to a black lady. it all of a sudden got very awkward in the lunchroom. i had to explain "she has no idea what that means!" she's since been taught!
3. tutor @ byu-h for a severly dyslexic college student. that only got a little awkward when he told me he liked me. no thanks.
4. teacher. molder. inspiration for the future. shoulder to cry on. kleenex at times. joke tester. shatter-er of self esteems, if necessary. 2nd graders. they're whacky. i kinda like them. they laugh at me when i dance/sing like the worlds biggest loser.

4 movies i can watch repeatedly:
1. about a boy
2. the holiday (this is a recent addition to the collection... but a good one!)
3. spanglish
4. the notebook *** this list could go on and on and on. but they only asked for 4

4 favorite tv shows:
1. the office
2. the shield
3. arrested development
4. grey's anatomy

4 places i've lived:
1. hoffman estates, illinois
2. rexburg, idaho
3. laie, hawaii
4. west jordan, utah (and sandy. wow. that's everywhere!)

4 favorite foods
1. steak with ranch dressing
2. deviled eggs
3. asparagus spears rolled up in cream cheese & ham
4. dr pepper - it is too a catagory. should be the first one...

4 websites i check daily:
1. msn.com
2. google.com - the personalized one. so i can still get my people.com through it.
3. email.
4. da blogs. wow. what did i do with my time before blogging?

4 places i've been on vacation:
1. paris
2. sydney
3. london
4. alaska

4 nicknames:
1. teacher
2. miss jones
3. there's a whole slew from brooke. hole, harley, can't remember anymore
4. hottie. ;) that's my favorite

i tag:
1. heather feather
2. emily
3. melanie
4. kristi
5. natalie


Emily said...

Thanks for the tag Hayley! (note sarcasm) I love the list. You've lead an interesting life!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

i'm insulted that i wasn't tagged. just kidding. because i never follow thru on these. but very interesting to hear about YOU!

Kristi said...

Hee hee. I love your stories about your jobs (poo flooding?) and frankly, Hayley, I just like learning about the essence that is you :) Can I go on vacation with you? Holy crap! I need to roll like the Jones' when that time of year comes around :) This might take me a little while to complete the tag...sometimes I
m special needs. :)

Miss Jones said...

so sorry natalie - i thought holly tagged you. i'll edit.

Girl James said...

Hayley, that's sooo funny. I changed my Spanglish to Remember the Titans JUST before Saving! haha.

Mel said...

what a babe! thanks for tagging me, NOT really. i'll have to think on this one. i'm sort of comatose at the moment.

Jori said...

You jonesy's do go on great vacations! I would love to ride around with you and hear the swearing at cars thing. I loved the "are you cold?" how do kids even know these things?

Shelley said...

Awesome. What about "Hayley frickin' Jones" Didn't Nicole call you that? :)

Steak dipped in ranch? Sounds like a winner. I'll have to try it!

Jan said...

Loved reading your info -- fun stuff!

tara said...

oh man hayley. I'm dying over here. Huge cruel massive dump? SO that's how Holly does it? :)
EVERYTHING is better with ranch, and I agree, steak happens to be on the top of the list. Did you know that asparagus makes your pee smell funny? True story. I thought I had some fatal disease one morning after downing a whole plate-full. Oh, and I love deviled eggs too. I knew we'd be food buddies :)

kristi lee said...

Haley--I'm an old roomie of Holly's and stalk your blog but don't think I've commented yet until I read the poop/cracker story. I'm laughing so hard that my husband thinks I'm psycho! Funny stuff, girl.