oreo heaven

I've got 2 wonderful sisters. (well, i really have 3, but for this posting's purposes - read on & see why... i have a feeling you'll agree with me!)

This past weekend, Holly introduced my chubby little behind to: Oreo Cakesters. They're a new product from Oreos... obviously - they're cakey... and delicious... which leads me to my next fabulous sister.

Heather emailed me an old recipe for homemade oreos that I originally got from Krystal, back in college. I've long lost my recipe. But heather just dug through her books & emailed me this recipe, so I now have the recipe again & can share with you lovely folks.

They're delicious, but they do take quite a while to make, so be prepared!!!
Homemade Oreos:

Cookies: 2 devil food cake mixes

1 ¼ cup plain Crisco

4 eggs

Filling: 2 ¾ cup powdered sugar

1-8 oz pkg. cream cheese

1 TBS Vanilla

¼ cup butter

Use something that is the same size to measure them out. Between a tsp and Tbs in size. Bake at 350* for 8-10 minutes.


tara said...

oh man. I have that recipe and it is DELISH. I like to make them really small so you can just pop 'em in your mouth. I haven't made them in YEARS though. One of my favorite treats fo' sho' !

Miss Jones said...

yeah, i only ever make them at heather's. surprised, i'm sure. i'm such a pork chop. i just don't have the time for myself to spend on those bad boys!

Holly O'Keefe said...

The cakesters are a close second!!!

Holly O'Keefe said...
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Heather said...

Holly, are the cakesters a close second? I don't know...those homemade ones are very good. I like the frosting in the homemade ones, that's what makes em good.

Emily said...

Man OH Man! now I'm going to have to try these and put the good ole' diet on hold!

Kristi said...

Oh my, thank you for posting ANYTHING to do with oreos and dessert...yum! I can't wait to whip this stuff up!

Mel said...

Yummy! I'm craving some of those now. I haven't tried the new Oreos, I think I need to go on a hunt.

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

ooh, baby! thank you thank you. oreo madness at tgi fridays is my oreo addiction. mmmmmm MMM!

Jori said...

I love oreo madness. These look so yummy too. they must wait until Sunday/free day.

Shelley said...

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH! Hayley! This recipe was probably my MOST favorite thing about living with you! I am oh SO SO SO excited you posted it! I've thought about it quite a bit since you last made them in Hawaii! I'm so stealing this and putting it in my recipe box blog thingy. People. They are TO DIE FOR. Death. Worthy. *faints*