how much you wanna bet?

So, Saturday when Meeja and I went to the movie to see Becoming Jane, we went to this little theatre in Holladay. Not a big ol' Multiplex, 30 screens kinda place. a basic 1980's movie theatre. Where you can park in the first or second row of the lot & walk right in the doors. We pull into the theatre parking lot & there's an old guy who's at the end of his car, walking in. I watch him for a second or two... He's old & slow. So I say to Meeja, "how much you wanna bet, we can beat him in the building..." We laugh for a good few seconds & then she parks. We didn't rush, and we were laughing so hard, that we were slightly winded. We met him at the doors, but seeing as how i'm a sweet person, I held the door open for him. (not the friendliest old man, either. I really don't like grumpy old people. But i really do like happy, friendly old people!) it was great.


Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

you and i would get along great. i love betting stuff.

Shelley said...

Old grumps are no fun. Funny ones swear. You'd be a basket of funny 60 years from now. hehe!

Kristi said...

I love your stories, Hayley! Keep 'em coming.