worlds biggest headache

so i went to bed early last night. in bed around 9. read for a while, lights were off right at 10. i was feeling better yesterday. no upset stomach, if you catch my drift. but, i think my body had gotten slightly dehydrated. cause during the night, i was hot & thirsty. i didn't sleep well. so hot. i always sleep with at least a sheet on. last night, nopey. i even yanked up my special undies, to bare skin! ahhhh!!! woke up at 5 - no way was i getting out of bed. my head was pounding. i'd classify this as a migrane if the light made it worse. but it isn't really. so, its just classified as a terrible headache!

i'm so lucky that my kids are working quietly today. we watched Reading Rainbow about manatees. So then they wrote a story about a rescue mission for a manatee. now its recess. i'm going to take some more pills.

tonight is my hair cut. i'm excited!!! hopefully it goes well! i'm thinking i'm getting bangs.


Mel said...

good luck with your haircut. i'll come see you in the morning to check it out. sorry about the headache, i hope it gets better soon!

Heather said...

Are you getting bangs? Can't wait to see the new hair-do!!

Shelley said...

Love that headache pic. I totally feel your pain.

Good Luck with the hair cut! Post the pics! :D

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

poor girlie. i hate those headaches. hope you are surviving. can't wait to hear about your haircut! i vote for bangs. the great thing about hair is that it grows. if you don't like it, who cares? it will grow back, lucky girl.

Kristi said...

I'm glad your headache got better--those are the worst espcially when you have other things to worry about. How'd your haircut go? Make sure you post a pic :)