state quarters

i bought something the other day with cash & was given back some quarters. i looked at them & they were 2007 Washington and 2006 South Dakota. i said "oh, I'll have to add that to my collection!" apparently when i'm not being a gluttoneous fiend & saving any & all quarters for a dr pepper, i can once again go back to my collection, that has been sitting on the top shelf in my garage pretty much since i moved here. 3 years. pathetic. Anyway, (Mom - you'll be my biggest helper, cause thats what you do best) I am now in search to find the missing quarters & start collecting again.

Here's what I need:
2004: Wisconson, Florida, Texas
2005: California, Oregon, West Virginia, Minnesota, Kansas (that's all of 'em folks!)
2006: Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota
2007: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah

This is pathetic. I never cease to disgust & disappoint myself!


Mel said...

i have that same collection thing. i also have been slacking on collecting them lately. hmmm...maybe i need to do that again too.

Holly O'Keefe said...

Wait, what about collecting quarters disgusts and disappoints?

Kristi said...

I wish I had collected ANY quarters, so good for you for trying. My brother asked me if I collected quarters, and I said "heck yeah," so he gave me one and I didn't realize until later it was a collectible. I just thought he meant "quarters" in general...I'm dumb.

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

yeah, kristi is collecting them for the slots, hayley is collecting them for the pepper machine. i wanted to get chris one of those collectors - i thought he might actually do it. but i never did, and now i realize it's probably a good thing. i just would have stolen quarters out of there to bribe maya to do stuff i don't feel like doing.

Shelley said...

I'll keep my eyes open... Its not often that we get US quarters up here, but we do occasionally! I have seen some. You should put the "what you need" list off to the left, so if we do see them we can save 'em for ya. :)

Its not that pathetic... you look like you've got half of them... :) And the ones you need are from more recent years. You're doing fine!

JT said...

We've got the same quarter map. the kids are all fighting about who gets it when it is complete. Good luck finding the ones you are missing, that's the fun of it.

Miss Jones said...

quarter update: i just found in my very own wallet - Nevada. And Neddie found Montana! Wah-hoo