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I love the Lenny Kravitz song. Whenever I hear it, I belt it out. I am a fan of Lenny. He's gorgeous... But I'm also proud to be an American. woman. I'm reading A Thousand Splendid Suns right now. I love this author & I think I love the theme, reading about women and life in Arabia. It makes me so happy to be born, in my county, in this day and age. We're not perfect, our culture, but we're lucky and amazing. we're free. I am so thankful I wasn't forced into marriage, to an old man, an abusive old man, especially.

This morning at the gym, I was thinking about all of the books on this topic that I've read. I must be somewhat facinated by the topic, cause it feels like I've read a lot. Here's a list of some of the books that I can remember reading about women (or men, too) in the Middle East:
1. Nine Parts of Desire
2. Princess
3. Stolen Lives
4. A Thousand Splendid Suns (currently reading)
5. Infidel (its in my stack)
6. The Kite Runner (not technically about women, but one of my all time favorites & I don't argue with Holly!)
7. Reading Lolita in Tehran (ps... have you read lolita? that book is whacked!)
8. Not Without My Daughter (thanks for reminding me Natalie!)
Does anyone share this obsession? Do you have any other books? I wouldn't mind having more suggestions, or being reminded of ones I've read :)

Have a good day. Enjoy that in this heat, you can wear capris & sandals & short sleeve shorts & not bring shame to your family.


Holly O'Keefe said...

You forgot the Kite Runner! For some reason, I don't share this obsession with you, although I do want to read princess for some reason. I am on the hold list at the library.

Kristi said...

I have read Stolen Lives and really enjoyed it--as much as you can considering how sad her life turned out. But I'm going to put some of these on hold at the library--I love new book ideas!!!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

i have a friend who shares this obsession, but not just middle eastern women, just women in other cultures in general. she picked "reading lolita in tehran" for her book club selection this year. i didn't read it, and reviews were mixed, but judging from what you seem to like, i think you'd like it. also, "not without my daughter" is amazing.

Heather said...

I love Lenny too and that song is great! We have the "Cuties" (hehe)for that side of us and Lenny and Mary J. for the other side! I enjoyed the Kite Runner, disturbing yes, but a good book. I'm glad you are liking a thousand splendid suns, that is our next book club pick, so I didn't want to read it too early. Can't wait though. Stolen Lives was another one of those books that was disturbing, but it does really make you think about how lucky/good we do have it. There is another book in this genre that I enjoyed but I can't think of the name...if I remember I will post about it.

Miss Jones said...

oh my goodness natalie - i've read both of them! thanks for reminding me... i'm putting them on the list right now!

Heather said...

That book is Reading Lolita in Tehran. That was a great book about a book club in Tehran. Read that one!

Jori said...

Have you ever read Life and Death in Shaghai by Nien Cheng? It's SO good. thanks for the tips, I am going to put these on hold too.

Heather said...

Lolita is a 'classic' that's for sure. It is a little crazy.

Kasey said...

Thanks for the list! I've been wanting to read more about the Middle Eastern culture.