tragedy of a morning

So this day is kicking my a**. I am ready to crawl back into my bed & hang an "out of order" sign from my bed post. Luckily, Mrs. Pearson, our heavenly music teacher just showed up and is going to take care of my class for the next half hour. I've already gotten a message from Holly reprimanding me for not blogging yet today. Let me just begin explaining - I spilled my precious can of Dr Pepper this morning because I wasn't paying attention when I was talking to Mel. It wasted half the can, got all over my plan book, my foot & brown Mary Jane Crocs... luckily those can just be rinsed... but worst of all - my brand new MacBook, my delightful toy that I affectionately call "lappy." You know my priorities have changed when the first thing I grab for isn't the can of DP, but the laptop. Wow. Anyway, I'm trying to get my act together and stop shaking from the upsetting morning that I'm having. But it kinda sucks that I spilled the Dr - coulda really used him today. Here's what I could really enjoy this morning... Snuggling with Hopey, December style when she got put in the "death grip." Don't fret- wasn't painful, it was actually relaxing for her. She'd fall asleep in this position, couldn't help it. Sometimes she'd snake tongue me for a bit. I liked it though. In fact, I think I'm going to add a countdown til the Grays come to my house & I'll get to snuggle with her a little. She doesn't sleep in my arms anymore - she loves her bed, but I'll hold her as much as possible. Hearing her giggle is just as fun as the death grip. That girl is adorable!!!


Heather J. Gray said...

Are you limiting yourself to one can a day now? Too funny Hayley.

Mel said...

Poor lappy and poor Dr. Pepper. That was quite the awful way to start out the morning. Eeek!