pint rhymes with mint?

Where have I gone wrong. I have taught measurement. I have taught reading. We were just doing a measurement review for our upcoming CRTs (criterion referenced test aka end of level test) and one of my highest readers said "pint" - rhyme it with mint, not the irregular rule following word, "pie-nt" that we all know and love. good hell. i'm failing. This is a head hung low moment.

on the brighter side of things (which I'm going to focus more thoroughly on, else i'll have to cry) the blogging world has happily reunited me with one of my dearest old friends, JAKE today. Jake was my pal in Hawaii. I love him to death. He got my email advertising my blog yesterday and responded. This makes my day, it doesn't just brighten it... Let me remind all readers - today is a bad day. a 2 dr pepper day (had to replace the spilled one) YAY Jake!


Mel said...

Thats pretty funny! Pint rhymes with mint. That just gave me my 2nd laugh of the day. My first was watching the funny video Kade brought in. I throughly enjoyed it!

Holly O'Keefe said...

Wait a second, pint and mint don't rhyme???