So I was having my morning convo with Ned on my way to work this morning & she was telling me about needing to go to PT (physical therapy, in case you haven't heard her talk about it, but that's all she ever refers to it as) and how after PT she was going to to to JC Penny to do some errands and how the ladies there didn't want to see her in her PT clothes so she was going to change her clothes at PT. All of a sudden I got this Ramboish Nedra picture in my head, and I knew that I had a picture somewhere of said Ned. The whole way down to my classroom, I kept thinking "i gotta find that picture." Luckily Holly was around & emailed it to me quick. This picture of my dear sweet mother is from our trip to Houston when we were at the Children's Museum of something healthy & Mom was out calming Porter.
Now, our sweet little Muz - she can be prissy, she can talk a lot, she can even tell us how we feel & drive us up a wall sometimes, but aren't we lucky that she's "classy" enough not to go to the JC Penny dressed like Rambo? This lady is a trooper. She puts up with 4 daughters which the more I see girls growing up, the more I think she's the toughest woman in the world. She's a survivor and a hard worker. Maybe I'm trying to make up for teasing her, but Neddie, You should know that I love you to death & can't imagine life without you. Keep going to your PT so that you can feel your leg & be around for a long time. I'm not anywhere close to it, but if I do ever have kids, I need you around to entertain them... They need their Rambo grannie.


Holly O'Keefe said...

Oh my gosh. Our mom is a hoot! The best part is, we can be brats and when we are nice again, she forgives and forgets. She is one of a kind.

Mom said...

Thank you for your Mother's Day blog. You said it was funny and I found it touching.
Love you, MOM

Mel said...

What a great mom! I loved it!