home sweet home

well, i made it home safe and sound. i went about 85 mph the whole way. traffic was a bitch though once i got into the slc area. slowed me down... no natalie - no oldsmobiles out today (monday it was a buick, by the way... no biggie, just start paying attention to the small details in MY life) and i only nearly died once due to a coughing spasm. i'm posting some pictures about what i had to leave behind today. sad... i had so much fun with that boy. and sure, his mom too... Sometimes his shoe come off a lot & he'd bring it over for me to help him get it back on. i loved.

He was smartly pointing out my nose. He's not a dumb kid... don't let his parents fool you! ahh

this is the face that i made to the buick driver on monday... no one passed me today, so i didn't have to do make it... probably best. no really - i hate pictures being taken of me unless a niece or nephew is making it worth it, so i typically make funky faces. do you wonder why i'm single? you shouldn't!

so as soon as i got home, i checked my hummingbird feeder - status update: it still had a little. so my guys have been well taken care of this week. then krystal got home & we left to go see Pirates of the Caribean - At World's End. Oh my goodness... Fantastic. Way better than number 2... I can't wait to discuss once people have seen!!! I love love love Jack Sparrow & Will Turner. Don't know who more. I will ponder that one tonight.

Also - I coughed a good majority through the movie... Pretty sure the people around me wanted me to hang from the gallows. So I asked Krystal if we could stop at Target (cause its Natley's favorite shop) to purchase some Vicks VapoRub. I'm going to try tonight. I just don't know how much longer I can handle not sleeping. And I don't know how much longer my throat can handle this rukus!

so, my heart is pounding from coughing. i looked at everyone's blog before i did this post. i missed you guys today! i'll be on tomorrow, in between actually unpacking. i just barely brought my stuff in. lazy!!! don't even feel like getting caught up with the dvr tonight. that's the beauty of it - it'll still be there tomorrow! good night ya'll!


Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

so glad you're safe and sound! glad you liked pirates - jori hated it passionatly, in case you haven't read her blog. i expect a full report on the vick's trick tomorrow. hope it works and you get some sleep. in fact, i am so concerned, that i am sending old lady natalie to look after you. and maybe chimpanzee natalie, too. just cause.

Mom said...

Loved the pictures. I enjoyed the Pirates, too. Wish they would make more good adventure movies.
Glad you are home safe. I know the road can be an adventure in itself sometimes.

Kristin said...

Glad you didn't have any horrible encounters on the road. Phew!! I'm excited about Pirates...we're going today!!

Kristi said...

cute pictures. Man, that sucks you're still coughing your brains out--let me know about the Vicks, too. Hopefully you'll get over it soon... :)

Holly O'Keefe said...

Vicks update please. It works wonders on Connor, I am curious if it works with adults.