holly's pushy

i just got a comment on last night's blog "new comment please" well... i've been busy today deep cleaning my bathroom, dusting my living room & dejunking my desk & entertainment center. I'm really wanting to get one of those swiffer duster thingy's to help keep dust down in my house.

I'm off to hang out with Craig tonight - probably dinner and a movie. don't know which movie & don't know where we're eating. he'll probably make me decide. who knows where i'll pick, but i can tell you this - i let my hair airdry tonight and accidentally fell asleep so, its definitely a dr pepper hat night! (sorry holly, i know its not exciting... but i've had a productive day, if it wasn't interesting)


Holly O'Keefe said...

Very good. Just wanted an update.

Heather said...

How did the bedhead go over last night? I bet it was lovely! Where did you go for dinner? xoxo