gone are the days...

I used to be addicted to wikipedia, People online, and visiting with my teacher friends especially in the morning before school starts. Now, I'm growing ever more testy that people have the nerve to interupt my morning blogging time. If I'm not blogging, I want to be. If I am not reading mine, I'm catching up on other's. Reading comments left on other people's blogs. Its an obsession. I think I need to go off track so I can finally one track the way I want to. Its pathetic really. I need to develop other hobbies & interests. At least other people's blogs are about something. Mine is just typically a complaint about something. Arg.

Oh & my one keyboard button that got Dr Pepper on it the other day during the spill, its sticky now. Too bad. He took a hit for the team, I guess.

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Mel said...

Hehe! My blogs are so full of nonsense crap, nothing exciting. I try and think everyday what I could add to my blog.