a few exciting things...

1. so - i'm working on implementing a new tardy policy at my school... we'll see if it goes anywhere, & since nothing happens now to tardy students - it doesn't really matter. here it goes:

  • 1st offense - a demerit
  • 3 demerits - a citation
  • 5 citations gets you a violation

  • 4 violations gets you a verbal warning

  • a few verbals gets you a written

  • after two writtens gets you a world of hurt... you get a disciplinary review

(you have to watch the office people...)

2. I saw another HUMMINGBIRD this afternoon!

3. There is a soon to be "Diary of a Fly" book. I love those diary books - they're darling and highly entertaining for student and teacher!!!

4. I just saw on my google homepage that Sheryl Crow adopted a boy! Yay for her!

5. So I don't have to listen to Dad crying all the time, I'm posting a picture of me and him. He's actually kinda cute. I like him. (I have a better one of us, but Dad's crowding the plate, so I am just going to post this one right now!) Paris ~ Notre Dame March 05


Holly O'Keefe said...

Does Dad feel left out of the blogging adventure? He needs a sign-in so he can post comments.

Shelley said...

Yay for Sheryl! Yay for a picture of you and your cute Dad! And Yay for teaching your kids early about Choice and Accountability. :) I approve.

Heather said...

You better watch out you are going to get a demerit!

Holly O'Keefe said...

New posting please!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

you kill me - love the new tardy policy. also - diary of a worm is our favorite book in the entire world. okay, my favorite. maya likes it, too, but i freakin' love it. anyway, we have been waiting for diary of a fly - i LOVE doreen cronin!