remember the episode?

There was a friends episode where Phoebe moved in with her boyfriend, a cop. They were laying in bed one morning and he shots a bird... Well, if I'da had a gun today - that birdie would've been shot, too. A little after 5 this morning - the bird who must've had a foghorn sitting right outside one of my bedroom windows was going nuts. holy crap. that was painful. So, I laid in bed thinking about how I could try and make myself look normal and rational about wanting to kill a bird. I know I'm not, but that's what that damn birdie gets for waking me up an hour early. Is it really that bad of me to actually wish that whatever the bird was making all that noise for - I hope he was in a lot of pain?

Now, don't get me wrong. I like birds. A few kinds especially a lot. For instance, the hummingbird and the penguin. Two of my favorite animals, let alone birds. I need to figure out/remember the ration for sugar and water so I can get my hummingbird feeder in action. Its one of the highlights of a lazy afternoon for me, to look out and see a hummingbird eating. See, a smile pops up just thinking about it. I will get the feeder filled sometime this week. And on, to my other fav, the penguin - if you haven't discovered the delightful "Tacky" books by Helen Lester, you need to make a trip to your local library and belt Tacky's songs out with all the gusto you can imagine. These books become my students' most requested books every year. Its entertaining to listen to the giggles that you can cause in young children. I introduced Tacky to Heather's kids in December. Nothing cuter than seeing Hayden's little anticipating smiley face!

Ok, well, I got to school extra early this morning, cause I didn't hit snooze 4 times, only once. I even had time to stop at the gas station and get a drink and a chocolate pudding pie. And I wonder why I'm getting chubby. Sad sad sad. But I figure the 44 ouncer is for the benefit of the poor children in my class. This way I won't be quite as grouchy with them today.


Holly O'Keefe said...

Google the hummingbird recipe. Also, is Tacky too old for Connor or would he enjoy too? Sometimes I buy him books because I want something new to read. CRAZY!!!

Heather J. Gray said...

This is kind of fun. I liked Hayden's little face. I forgot about that crown.

Mel said...

Gotta hate those annoying birds!! Though I do love hummingbirds as well. At my parents house we had those annoying magpies that would peck at the roof at like 5am!!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

Woo hoo, we love book recommendations. Thanks, Holly's sister, :) we will be checking out the Tacky books.