i'm insane

The great thing about this blog is that it'll probably once again be the only one I do. I created a blog about 6 months ago and couldn't remember how to get back in and finally hopefully I deleted it. Not sure about that one though. I know I'm a spaz & I don't know why something this simple is so difficult for a girl like me.

I don't have kids, but I like to watch others mess theirs up. HA! I probably just offended the one person who will read this. Don't worry, I'm not talking about you. I do thoroughly enjoy my sister's kids though. I also teach 2nd grade, so I'm sure I'll share some "darling" stories of my students.

I'm also single, so on the rare occasion that i deem someone worthy of my evening out & yes, he'll be paying, I'll let you know how that goes. This part of my blog will probably be more sparce than the others. Is that the right word here?

The one thing you should be excited for is my book log. I need to start keeping track of the goodies that I read. So I suppose I'll do that here. Right now - I'm reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, so I can be fresh for it when the movie comes out. YAY!

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Holly O'Keefe said...

I'll assume you think I am messing up my kid. As I am the only one who will read your blog. Brat.