fire drills

As a child, whenever we had fire drills at Thomas Jefferson, I always panicked. Even when my teacher told me that it was just a drill. I didn't calm down until I found Holly on the playground. I remember that when i was alone at that school, I always wanted to call my mom afterwards.

As a teacher - I still hate the fire drills. Only now we have bomb threat drills, invader drills, earthquake drills, and a few others. our school has this procedure, that in my opinion would do nothing in a real crisis, but I suppose its good to have the plan in place. currently, I'm the "group leader" for my area. I have to sweep 4 classrooms and make sure there are no kids lingering. If and when there is a real fire, those kids better get their heineys outside, else i'll have some ugly words for them. and on top of the regular stress I have to feel during a drill, today, our lovely walkie-talkie wouldn't work at all. so i had to hike across our whole playground to report that 2nd grade is accounted for. then they had the nerve to give me lip about the walkie. i've been telling them since the beginning of the year that ours doesn't bloody work! don't worry, they got an ear full.

One of my kids just came up and hugged me. she's a sweet little girl. i like her. i sympathize with her sensitivity to the drill. she's also the one that said Connor looks like a little rascal. Yeah, my students see pictures of my sister's kids about as regularly as I get them. They enjoy... hint hint hint... keep sending :)

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Holly O'Keefe said...

I didn't know you looked for me at fire drills. That makes me feel special.